Mercer out of Inoki show

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Inoki's New Year's show falling apart Dave@wrestlingobserver.comFaced with his show falling apart, Antonio Inoki announced on Monday that Fedor Emelianenko would face Yuji Nagata in the main event of his Bom Ba Ye show. Officials of Inoki's promotion had previously announced Emelianenko would not appear due to his exclusive contract with Pride. Pride officials, when this was said, threatened legal action against the promoters and NTV.This was done after Ray Mercer, the former heavyweight boxing champion, didn't come to Japan, backing out of the scheduled main event against pro wrestler Kazuyuki Fujita. They are scrambling to find an opponent for Fujita, but on less than two days notice, it may be impossible.In addition, on the K-1 show, Cyril Abidi canceled, claiming an injury, his scheduled match against Zero-One and UPW pro wrestler The Predator. The name given as Predator's opponent was Mauricio Silva.

Sylvester Terkay

Inoki is now paying for his BS. I never bought the idea of Mercer coming to Japan and fight Fujita. He didnt leave any comment, no pictures were taken of him. It was too strange. Inoki started saying again that Fedor might fight on the show. I dont think that will happen. It is falling apart to the point of disaster.

Supposedly Fedor is already in Japan.

Check it out:

His brother will fight in the show. He commented he came to Japan to corner his brother. But Inoki said on a TV show that Fedor may fight. Do the math. Chances are, Inoki BSing again. Pride already announced that they wont let Fedor fight in Inoki show no matter what after knowing Fedor's arrival.

its probably for the better. that fight was turning out to be bullshit with the rules heavily favoring mercer

It would serve Inoki right if this whole thing fell to pieces on him. Fighters need more notice then this and many of his matchups are total jokes.

Wait u guys are saying that Mercer never intended to fight Fujita, and Inoki just said that as some kind of bullshit promo?

Inoki does hat because hes a peice of shit. Just like he never checked to see fedors contract with dse, just pretended like he didnt have one.

ANd now they admitted he has a contract with pride, but are risking legal problems so they have a main event.