Merchant Account

I need a merchant account for a new retail store I'd like to open in a mall. I would like to be wireless for some flexibility reasons. Does anyone know where I can get a reasonable retail merchant account or had any experience with them?? I've been doing research but I'm overwhelmed with how many places there are and I don't want to get screwed. I'm going to post this both here and the Otherground. Thanks for any info...

Jitsu Jr,

First check with your current bank. They should offer a turn-key package.

I went through what you are going through when I got my merchant account. It was like trying to compare cell phone or long distance plans. I got a headache real fast!

I may have been able to save $50.00 buy getting my equipment on eBay but I got a turn-key package on a refurbished machine for around $300.00. My charges are around $30.00/mo.