Mercury's face - Armageddon pix

For those that didn't see, Mercury took a nasty see-saw shot last night. Busted him open so bad he had to leave the match.

""I've shattered my nose around the bridge area," said a bruised and swollen Mercury, who was severely injured at last night's Armageddon pay-per-view in a Ladder Match. "I have four fractures on the inside of my nose; I have 5 stitches on the inside of my nose and my cheek and 15 stitches on the outside of my nose and cheek. My left eye is swollen shut and I have continual internal bleeding from my nose and my eye."

To Mercury's credit, the injury that would have knocked most people out cold only left him momentarily stunned.

"I remember everything [about the incident]," he said. "I never lost consciousness and I never passed out."

Asked what it felt like when the legs of the ladder dug into his face and ripped a gaping hole down his nose and under his eye, he thought long and hard before he spoke.

"I have nothing to compare it to; I've never been hit that hard in the face before," he said as he paused. "I'd have to say it felt like a hundred-pound steel ladder connecting with my face at one-hundred miles per hour; or going head first through a windshield of a car without a seatbelt on; maybe getting hit in the face with a baseball bat swung by Sammy Sosa.""-

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Thanks! But what the hell did he think was gonna happen? BTW, I order almost every PPV but decided not to get this one after the last 2 have kinda sucked. Oh well.

Jeff and Matt are trying to bring wwe back single handedly.


It was a very good ladder match. A shame that Mercury had to get hurt in it though. It was fairly early in the match.

I just saw what happened in the highlight on RAW.

WTF happened? Did someone botch that stunt, or what?

Yep. It was botched. I watched the highlights on RAW, and holy crap. His face just kind of exploded when he got hit. Someone is going to need Excedrin.

Jeff did exactly what he was supposed to. It was just a spot that is easily botched. It's not like he could have controlled the ladder. He was just landing on the other end of it with his ass to make it see-saw up.

Was one of MNM supposed to block it with their arm and they just didn't in the confusion?

someone needs to go see a plastic surgeon NOW!

"Was one of MNM supposed to block it with their arm and they just didn't in the confusion?"

That probably would have been a good idea considering Joey copped it right between the eyes.

Wow, that's fucking horrible.

Yeah, but that's only because 90% of Jeff's matches are gimmick matches, not that I'm complaining.

"When 90% of a guy's matches are gimmick matches that should tell you something about them [IE. they can't work a half-way decent match without resorting to chairs, blading or suicidal bumps] I wouldn't be surprised of Jeff gets buried after that. "

I don't think he will be.
He's been a consistently good performer in his matches since returning and the crowd likes him.
He doesn't usually blade or use a chair.
He's only been in 1 other gimmick match since coming back: a ladder match vs Nitro.

should have hit him in the chest not the face

I just watched Armageddon last night before reading this thread. I thought Joey popped a blood capsule over his face cuz the blood just oozed out. Then when he got to the outside I realized he was really hurt.

Imagine if he did get KOed, he'd be face down on the mat in a huge pool of blood. I wonder how the wrestlers would have reacted?

"Imagine if he did get KOed, he'd be face down on the mat in a huge pool of blood. I wonder how the wrestlers would have reacted?"

That's the job of the ref. The most common reaction is to interfere in the action, ala Big John McCarthy, and cross your arms into an "X". This signals to the backstage and other wrestlers that a legit injury has happened. Backstage the "Gorilla Position" can then tell the ref how to continue the match via his earpiece.

Unfortunately, once that info was made public the "X" gets thrown up during pre-planned spots now to fool people.

This match alone was better than the entire two previous PPV's (ECW and Survivor Series) together