Merkel calls Obama over her phone being tapped


NSA accused of spying on Merkel's phone


Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken to President Barack Obama to complain about allegations her mobile phone was targeted by the US National Security Agency, according to a report on Wednesday.



News site Spiegel reported that Merkel's mobile may have been spied on by the US and the German Chancellor is taking the allegations seriously.

She demanded an explanation in the telephone conversation with Obama, Spiegel said.

Her spokesman Steffen Seibert said Merkel made it clear that she found such practices "completely unacceptable".

"The chancellor today telephoned President (Barack) Obama" and "made clear
that she unequivocally disapproves of such practices, should they be
confirmed, and regards them as completely unacceptable," he said.

The evidence for her mobile phone being targeted came from Spiegel which has broken a series of stories about a mass surveillance programme by the NSA.

A spokeswoman for the NSA told Spiegel that Obama reassured Merkel the US was not spying on her communications, but refused to elaborate whether it had done so or not in the past.



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