Merry autocorrect Christmas!

I think the funniest thing about these autocorrect screenshots is seeing this as you scroll down fast.

AT&T 3G 4:45PM 74%
AT&T 3G 4:59PM 71%
AT&T 3G 5:15PM 68%
AT&T 3G 5:45PM 65%
AT&T 3G 6:07PM 64%
AT&T 3G 6:18PM 61%
AT&T 3G 6:33PM 57%

khaleesi - 

Don't I know about this.

I've had some embarassing moments in the past with typos and auto correct that you wouldn't believe.

Jesus to cheesus autocorrect? No way. What ere they doing voice texting? Phone Post 3.0

cheeses. as in more than one type of cheese.