I took the ribs off a 20lb Bone-in prime rib to smoke them separately on small weber with Hawaiian&Alae salt and pepper. Roast was done on the big weber with same plus fresh rosemary. Cherry wood chunks.

It GLORIOUS!! Moke is jealous of my FB pics....he got hair, adonis body, BUT I GOT SMOKEY GUUDNESS!

Merry christmas...I got a few patches of a parody of the guns and coffee one.  This one says guns and titties!  Sarge gets one

floppy titties make for greatcrossdraw holsters!!

how the hell do i post pics anynmore

FCTV808 -

how the hell do i post pics anynmore

I was wondering the same thing...

Merry Xmas HG! All 6 of ya!

6 is a squad size element...

I will be in town 28 jan to 3 feb...i look forward to the reacharounds 


woke up day after christmas with cough of death. Almost had it beat so had ramen out with family and went and bought myself my makita 18v recip-saw at home depot..... and it tried to kill me late weds night. Thurs was another shit day and wife and kids start d feeling it. Fri im on the mend....running about 60% so playing caregiver to family.

gonna have to order kim chee II takeout for NYE.

Sucks i did nothijg with my wife kids all week.

My chest, heart&lungs feel like robobear was doing heart compressions for 3days on me as a sadistic way to end the year.