Merry Christmas OG

I rarely get on her now that I am retired, divorced, remarried (newlywed lol) But wanted to say hi and thank you to this site for all the opportunities and fond memories!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!!

Michelle GrappleGirl Bishop

You've posted this on the OG but that's fine because I care about you and we've been through so much together that I'm just glad you're here. Phone Post 3.0

I see you've edited the title, that's why I love you. Phone Post 3.0

TY u2


now that being said....



LOL I Posted on both cause there were many people I interacted with on only one or the other side lol

PICS hahahahahahaha hit up my Facebook all the crazy stuff is on there


Is Levenson still stalking you? Heh Heh Funny Stuff!

DaveFu - Is Levenson still stalking you? Heh Heh Funny Stuff!

LOL probably but only in his dreams now hahahahahahaha Crazy times


Merry FEASTMAS !! Phone Post 3.0