I just wanted to drop by today to wish you all a Merry Christmas. This forum is one of the originals. Thanks for being here and supporting the sport.

Merry Christmas, Evan!!

Merry Xmas Brother!!

mele kalikimaka!

Merry Christmas Mr. Tanner.

Merry Christmas Evan!

Merry Xmas Evan.

You to Evan, have a good holiday.

Merry Christmas Evan and Happy New Year!2007 is going to be a promising year for you!Wish you the best.

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Merry Christmas UG

And Merry Christmas to Evan Tanner. The coolest guy on the UG.

Thank you, EVAN TANNER.

Im jewish Evan!

Merry Christmas from Westside of Mass.


Please, please, PLEASE dye your beard white, Santanner. (Romoshop?)

Merry Christmas, bro.

May your beard be bushy.

a true class act

Thanks! Merry Chrstmas, Evan!!

Merry Christmas to you too Evan!!