Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas people

thanks g!

you too kool-breeze


the one and only kyle bradely fool!!!

you best break yo self!!

Mary Christmas Kyle and everyone else too!

 Merry Christmas!


Bone the dizzell!!!!

In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to tell a story!

Once, Bone the Dome had a fight coming up, and had now way to get ready for it on such short notice. So I told him to go ahead and drive on over to my crib a short 6 hours away.

Then when he gets there, Im am not there and my Mom has no clue Bone is coming over, so my Mom is stuck talking to this large skulled fellow for a couple hours till I got home.

Well, my mom is a neat freak and wakes up at 430 am to clean the house THOROUGHLY before she goes to work, so the sleeping arrangement was not too comfortable on the little bity living room couch.

So my buddies offered up the full use of their apartment a short drive away. For some reason, there was a massive traffic jam on the interstate, however, and we sat in traffic for hours doing nothing.

Finally get to the apartment, and everything is great. We go do some training and getting ready for the fight. Until the nightfall that is. One of my two buddies is an LSU grad, the other can best be described as a pot smoker.

So Bone is trying to get ready and train for this fight, and my buddy keeps trying to get him to smoke pot right before the event.

Long story short, we got my buddies some ringside passes and watched them get drunk durin the fights. Then we joined them after Bones fight.

It was a good time last January.