Merry X-Mas All:Any M.Arts gifts?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Just wondering if you received or gave any martial arts related gifts this year. As for me, I:

(1) Old judo book from my judo coach
(2) inversion table and "massage chair" (really just attached to back of chair) for my back from the parents
(3) 5 old judo DVDs of footage from Japan in the 1940s and 1950s

(1) Gracie Jiu-jitsu DVDs to my brothers
(2) the book Vital Judo to my judo coach

My girl bought me plane tickets to train with my instructor in his hometown.

wow, that trumps my list!

(Eddie Bravo's new book, Dave Camarillo's new book, Neil Ohlenkamp's new judo book, masterclass "Grips" book, ironmind #1 and #2 grippers....)

It's ok but besides that all I really got was socks.

I wanted that Bravo book!

My birthday is not too far off though but I will probably get a kettlebell or two for that

I got Steve Cotter's second Encyclopedia of KB lifting.