Merry Xmas everyone......

Here goes.... The first 30 fans who post their email here and why they want a signed pic will get one sent out to charge.

The first 10 fans who post their email will get a Enson Inoue special DVD on the Norgeria fight made by me.

Remember...only the first 10 will get the bonus DVD added inside.

I am a huge fan of both you and your brother, I signed the petition at Sherdog to get you back in the ring. That pic would look awesome on the wall of my new gym being built right now!

I would love that DVD, I only own 2 DVD's right now, money is tight, I've been saving up to get Mark Kerr's Documentary this weekend I'm finally picking it up. you rock for doing this Enson!!

Yamato Damashi!

one of the reasons i would like one is so i can have something to point at and tell my friends that "you dont have one of those, sukaz".

second im a huge fan of yours.

third i havent recieved a christmas gift in over 4 years, itd be nice.

dont mind if i miss out on the DVD, just hope i get a picture.

mele kalikimaka

7 DVD`s left and

27 pics left
I want the video because as someone else said, inspiration, Nog is my favourite fighter and you have the biggest heart, what better of a combo?

Alemao, don`t forget to post why you want one...

I just edited it for ya man.

This picture will go on the wall of my family pictures. Enson has treated us all MMA fans like his own. Thank you Enson. Now all we need now is to get Enson a shot at Vanderlei!!!! Yamato Damashii Forever!!!

Enson, sorry I didnt add my reason at first. I got waaaay to pumped as I realized I might have a chance of getting this!

haha Alemao, I did the same thing, look how many times I had to edit my post.


I have always been a big fan of yours. Especially because you put Hawaii on the map in the MMA world.

The reason why I would like an autograph is to go along
with the rest of my collection which comprise of most
of your fights, grappling unlimited stickers and t-shirts.

Merry X-mas.

One of the guys at Sherdog is having trouble connecting to this site, so I'll post his info for him, if that's okay with you Enson.

"You are like the ultimate exciting man of fighting

Every fight I've seen, it has been exciting whether win or loss

The reason I want to get an autograph is because you inspire me to always go on and on and go with your heart than rather quit, thats true warrior spirit and its valuable that I learned from it"

I know I just got pic man but the DVD would rock

Enson you get my email? or maybe I got the wrong email. Crap! But I got here before #30 is what counts.

Too late for the DVD. Damn! Anyway, you rock Enson.
Im gonna put up your pic here at Battalion headquarters
so all the other hardcore badasses can get psyched.

Merry XMas


You da Man,

Yet another Sherdoggie having trouble with this site.

"the reason I'd like a signed photo is because win or loose, Enson always fights with heart. A true warrior and entertainer."

Jesus, people are having trouble with this site, lol. Another Sherdoggie.

"I think ENSON represents Hawaii well with his warrior spirit and when I get into the fight game I intend to do the same."

Is it okay, my doing this for them? I mean, do they get in?


I hope I don't miss you again on this one! I'm a big Purebred fan and have learned lots from visiting and making friends there with Ishikawa, Nonaka, Kato, Pooh, Ikeda!!!

BTW, how was Ishikawa's wedding? I saw the guest list and wish I could have stayed. I'm picking him up on Sunday at LAX, but I think his wife is thinking Disneyland, not MMA!