Merry Xmas Evilsorta and thanks

Mike has been the one of best friends I have had here in Australia. Since the day I arrived on these fair shores, he has been a loyal and faithful friend. He is loved by my family and all of my friends in jiu jitsu and even from the churchies.

Mike is a true fan of mma, and grappling. He has probably watched more videos than anyone I have ever met. And he is always willing to share. He will go out of his way to help out whenever it is needed.

So I tip my santa's hat to my friend mike


sorry for the gayness

holy crap...cheers mate... I just do things the only way i know how.

And not to keep the pooftah gay bloke theme....
But the same goes mate, I wouldn't be in the shape i'm in now or getting my life in order like i am (well in comparison to where i was when i met ya) if it wheren't for knowing ya. I've met a ton of great people thanks to you and your family.

So a sincere thanks mate, for accepting this athiest as is.

....and besides....who do you know that's cooler than me?? I'm an internet ninja. fact. And i'm also the 3rd greatest time keep this world has ever seen in any sport.....sure it's self proclaimed...but what's a little self proclamation on christmas. ;) and don't even get me started on how rock'n'roll i am...sheeesh.

I'll see on monday.

and just in the spirit of christmas and sharing and all that festive social crap people attempt to do this time of's some links that some may find usefull...(and besides i need somewhere to stash the links for future refrence when i'm stuck at work bored)

and hell i think i've even got a few invites to certain trackers if anyone is intrested at all...of course one of the said trackers...may or may not exist and it may or may not be a hypothetical invite ;)

Where is the Rev's school? I remember it was somewhere like Maidstone. What days and times is it open? Or even a contact number would be good. thanks

it's out in ascot vale. it's gi class on tuesday night 6-7pm, no gi wednesday night 6:30-7:30pm, no gi friday night 6-7pm

I'm gunna take a stab in the dark an guess he'll reply to ya on here, on this just check back.

Hey bro, shoot me an email and I will hook you up with my phone number

johnj at


Hiya Evilsorta (a.k.a internet ninja),

Hope you had a great Christmas!
And I support you claim to be the 3rd world's greatest timekeeper, you got some skills ;-)

Cheers, Maryanne.

Ok then who is the number 1 and 2 time keepers in the world. Mike had cearly improved at the last comp. He's gotta be pushing for top spot.

Mike 2007 is your year.

^^ lol, hey mate merry christmas...even though a little late.. And I'm not sure who number 1 and 2 are....i haven't thought that far in to the story

Thanks Mate and Merry Christmas to you and everyone else on here that I've met or competed agaist this last year.