Mesi is a tomato!

I've been waiting for Mesi to finally step up and fight in a competitive boxing match away from his home town. Props to him for doing that, but he got lucky. He lost all respect for Jirov the 9th and 10th rounds, which resulted in a near miss for a Jirov knockout. 30 more seconds and Mesi would've have been down. Mesi got away this time, but when he steps in the ring again in Los Vegas against a legit contender, he WILL get knocked out.

94-93 for all judges: Mesi

It was a close fight I see.

Too bad Jirov didn't win an earlier round or just put in a little more effort. Fortunately for Mesi, he won enough of the earlier rounds to win by the boxing point system. But if you watched the fight, you could clearly see that Mesi didn't respect the power and experience of Jirov and got his ass handed to him the last few rounds. STP, I agree, Jirov should have stepped back or continued to go after Mesi. He just stumbled into his arms and grabbed his waist. That could have won the fight for Jirov.

I want to see Mesi get destroyed his next fight. And he will. They pretty much worship the guy in Madison Square Garden. He's his own franchise and makes some major bucks over there. Very good business man. I'm just one of those guys who wants the hype of this guy to stop. He's going to have to step up now and fight a bigger name. Put him up against any top 10 fighter and the Mesi train will stop. Hopefully he will go back to his home town and fight "Butterbean" fights from then on.

Homie - For the second fight in a row Mesi should feel grateful the fight wasn't a 12-rounder. I think this fight does answer some questions about Mesi. It's clearly apparent that he'll get stretched by any heavyweight his size who fights back. A cruiserweight put him down for Chrisssakes.

I told everyone that taking this fight was a dumb idea for Mesi; absolutely nothing to gain, risk-reward ratio approaching infinity. As a result, matchmaking from this point forward becomes extremely problematic. He's clearly not ready for Top 10 competition, so his team will likely want him against another small heavyweight with no power or chin. However, HBO will not make another deal with this guy if he takes this approach. He's put in quite a bind.

Good point. I didn't even realize it was a 10 round fight. There's no way in hell Mesi would survive the 11th round against a guy who could easily go 15 rounds while taking a consistent beating.

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every single one of you guys can fuck off. Mesi fought like a champ, he was KILLING that piece of shit Jirov. KILLING HIM, until that sonofabitch gave Mesi a rabbit punch in the 9th. After the illegal punch to the back of the head in 9th, then he started fighting like shit.

fuck Jirov and fuck every single one of you.

Mesi looked good but caught in the end and had to survive. Jirov showed he can a licking and keep on ticking.

Here's what I'm taking from Mesi's last two fights....he is showing he has skills in the ring, but I think his power is little overrated. I don't think his stamina was a problem last night as people have questioned after his last fight, I just think he got careless and go caught. He is not ready to step up to the upper ranks of the heavies right now...he will get beaten at this point. He needs a couple more fights at the Jirov/Gomez/Guinn level before he steps it up a notch.

Jirov just hasn't impressed me as a heavy. He has good skills and can take a good punch but I'm just not feeling him as a heavy. If he doesn't land the one good shot in the ninth then he in all likelyhood loses this fight 9 rounds to 1. The final scoring is deceiving and make Jirov sound like he did better than he did.

Dominick Guinn would drop Mesi like a bad habit. Anyone who suggests that fight should be charged with attempted manslaughter.

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I must admit I will watch his next fight to see him get KTFO

94-93. It was definitely an easy fight to score, with Baby Joe losing the first and the last two rounds, which were clearly 10-8 and 10-7 rounds, but dominating the rest of the fight.

It's becoming more and more apparent that at this point Baby Joe is a 6 round fighter. He has good, but not great power and good, but not great hand speed. Although he went down three times in the last two rounds, I think that his troubles began because of his suspect defense more than because of his chin, which was good enough to survive the fight.

Baby Joe needs to stop holding his chin up high when he throws power punches. He is highly susceptible to being dropped by well-timed counter punches. And his jab is ass. He's a decent heavyweight, but a total fraud as a championship contender. Long-term, his best bet would be to cash in with a fight against Tyson, get KO'd and call it a career.

"I'm Duane Bobick. I'm Gerry Cooney. I'm from their cloth. There are many who can match me. My skills are marginal. My defense is questionable. And I'm not ferocious"

haha, my coach duane getting props

the problem is: it isn't as much mesi's fault as it is his teams and hbo's fault he is getting shit on by the fans over the hype involving him. he is just out doing his job while his team and hbo stroke the thought of having a white american heavyweight champion. he is partly to blame for his attitude but i'd say its only %25 mesi and 75% hbo

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Mesi sucks, I agree