Mesi Is World Class

Some people thought Mesi was exposed by Barrett. I disagree. He overcame adversity and got the win. Every up and comer needs to fight a slick experienced guy like Barrett who will take him the distance.

Like Mesi said, he needed to get knocked down and go ten rounds. I think he will be much better next time out.

He also showed a decent chin by getting up from the shot he walked in to.

He is ready to take on some tougher guys and work towards a title shot in 2 to 3 years.

I think jeremy williams and joe mesi would be an awesome fight.

If mesi loses it will be by KO and he will wander boxing as another white hope that was exposed, if he wins it will be a huge victory.

I think there were times in the later rounds when he
looked very suspect and even out of his league.A
puncher always has a chance,i guess,but against guy's
who can take a punch he will be toast.He seems to have
a good chin though.

I'm no fan of Mesi but he's a level above Jeremy Williams IMO.

if that's true it would be a very good fight for Joe. I think Jeremy Williams would take the fight to Joe and if joe wins it's a great victory.

Barrett is a skilled boxer, but he has no power. Granted, the shot that dropped Baby Joe was a perfectly timed counter and not a big shot, but if Barrett had decent power, like a Guinn or Rahman, Baby Joe was hurt enough that he would've been finished.

Mesi is a good fighter, but I don't think he has done enough to be considered world class.

Mesi is a prospect at this point IMO. He looked very tight and reached a lot with his shots. I would pick Guinn over him at this point hands down, and I think Juan Carlos Gomez is capable of giving him some problems. Mesi is definitely not as good as a lot of people think, he has been very carefully matched to his point.

I think Joe will learn from this and come out better in his next fight....

mesi, as of right now, is not world class.

his chin is good, but his balance is bad.

the way he looked to be at a complete loss when barrett switched to southpaw tells me he hasn't learned how to deal with a right-hand lead stance. the semi-retired sanders would have destroyed him.

mesi doesn't know how to finish, either. if you've got your man hurt, and you've dropped him twice but then go on to lose the entire second half of the fight to him, that says to me that you're counting on ending a fight with one big shot. not good.

the way he was swinging with his head down wasn't particularly compelling, either. neither was his half-assed dancing. neither was the way he completely gassed out after 5 rounds.

on a scale of 1 to 10 i give mesi a 6, or maybe a weak 7.

either way, he's nowhere near being champ-level yet.

28 fights sounds like a lot, but most have been tomato cans. The fight saturday night I'm sure will teach Mesi more than all his other ones combined. Looking forward to his next one.

Seeing the difficult time he had with Barrett tells me that he will never crack the top ten in a legit manner. He will be KOed long before he ever gets near a real belt.

He'll crack the top 10 for sure, but then again, didn't even Peter McNeely have a #10 ranking when he fought Tyson?

Mesi could be anything from a decent Brian Nielson type fighter to a solid B+ Rahman type guy, capable of becoming a champion. We really can't tell yet.

Mesi's maybe top 20.

He's got a ways to go.

Mesi has a ways to go....28 fights is not a lot...if you think so then you must think that wladimir klit is one of the most protected fighters on the planet...

Molson, amount of fights doesn't mean jack. It's who you've beaten. Wlad has stopped Botha, Charles Shufford, Ray Mercer, beaten Byrd and floored him twice, and crushed Monte.

Mesi has squeaked by Monte and beaten a faded Izon.

If amount of fights and wins counted, Wimpy Halstead is your man.

that's not my point....where was Wladdy after 28 fights? who had he fought? nobodies....his record after 28 fights was worse than mesi's...

Mesi is just being brought along slowly and properly...28 fights isn't much...sommone on this thread said 28 sounded like a lot and i was respoding to that...

Still got that hard on for Gomez Gator?

OK I gotcha Molson, I thought you were implying irony in my statement.

At 28 fights Wlad had beaten Everett Martin for his best win, which was a stoppage. Martin went the distance as his trademark so that's about equivalent to taking a decision win over Barrett, who's better than Martin ever was but nearly beat Mesi, IMO.

28 fights is actually a fairly long way to go for a guy trying to move up the ranks but who's maybe, debately, top 15 and unbeaten. Riddick Bowe fought for the title in his 31st fight. Lennox fought Ruddock in his 22nd fight. And those guys had beaten a fringe contender or two at that time (Bowe had beaten Pierre Coetzer and an aged but slick Tony Tubbs, while Lewis beat Levi Billups, who was a Barrett type, and also Tyrell Biggs).

28-0 and still having a guy like Barrett, followed by Izon's level he was at when Mesi fought is, I think could be assessed as slow development. He's nearly 30 fights into his career and has yet to face a top ten guy in his prime. After his 28th fight, Klitschko, over the next 3 years and 13 fights, fought and beat Axel Schulz (faded name contender), Phil Jackson (ditto), Paea Wolfgramm (prospect with one loss and olympic credentials), David Bostice (Prospect), Monte Barret, Chris Byrd, Derrick Jefferson, Charles Shufford, Botha, Mercer and McCline. He then lost to Sanders and one comeback win over a stiff named Fabio Moli.

i'm just saying that Mesi needs to step it up, because he's at the point where people and HBO aren't going to let him beat up bums in his backyard anymore. Even HBO will expect a tougher foe than Barrett or a different style with different problems for Mesi to solve. You can only mess around for so long until you got to step up and prove it.

I agree that he is at a point that he needs to step it up and i think he will at this point. i think he has been brought along slowly, but that has allowed two things 1. Proper development and 2. $$$$. Those are the two most critical things in any boxer's career imo.

I think he is at a ponint where he will step it up. Last 3 fights were an overall the hill once contender, a prospect and now a fringe contender...sounds about right to me.

If he stays on point and goes for a rahman or a ruiz or even a mccline (if he wasn't fighting toney) and i think you get continued progression.

I think it would be still a little early for those guys right now...i think boxing could really use a guy like Mesi being least it brings attention to the sport...

but i gotta admit...i have a hard time seeing him beat any of those 3 you just named right now...