Mesi Jirov 3

Obviously, it is the biggest fight in boxing and would be very enjoyable at this time.Lets get this immediately and possibly on a Charleston Flight Deck. I have selfish thoughts.;

Mesi wants none of that.


Mesi is going to go back to Buffalo and regroup. Similar to what Marciano did after the first LaStarza fight. Expect Baby Joe's next 3 fights to be against mediocre competition.

If he steps up again, he will get stopped.

i will continue to bet against baby joe, im 0-5 betting against him, but soon 1-5 and then 2-5

Yeah, Homie is right. I think we shouldn't skip #2 and go right to #3, it might confuse a lot of people on meds.

Nonetheless, it wouldn't be a good idea for Mesi. if he is smart, he will not take a re-match.

I don't think Jirov thought he could hurt Mesi. That last round taught Jirov something: "Not only can I hurt him, but I can knock him out, EVEN in the later rounds."

If the rematch happens, look for Jirov to come out BOMBING.

"Expect Baby Joe's next 3 fights to be against mediocre competition."

lol, Mesi's not stepping up in class just yet. He'll get to the mediocre guys in like a year or so.


well actually, the first 3 times i bet against him, not knowing who he was and just going by his record i didn't think he was all that good. the barett fight was back and forth on who to bet on for me, while the jirov fight i honestly thought he was going to lose

Gator got robbed when God was handing out brains.

His name plus the 8 round beating he put on Jirov.