Mesi may never fight again...

I guess Atlas was right when he said on ESPN that a top prospect may die if he gets in the ring again.

Please clarify. What are you talking about?

That is a crazy crazy story...

I truly hope that whoever is managing him steers him away from the sport IF all the reports are true...

that's terrible. hopefully its just a rumor. I'd hate to see a promising career cut short like that

That IS terrible, but promising career? ;-)

If this is true, then Baby Joe should get out. Become a commentator, trainer, go back to college and become a teacher like he talked about a few years ago.

If this is not true, Mesi vs Tyson in the fall? Looks like Team Mesi is looking to cash out.

come on guys. I don't like Mesi that much, and I don't think he lives up to the hype, but you can't tell me that his career is looking worse than Rahman's or Tua's right now. He's undefeated, even if he's had some close calls, and he could still beat alot of the guys at HW right now

Brain injury. Allegedly.

allegedly his career is over. just rumors so far

Injury from his fight with Jirov?

I don't want to hear about a nice guy like Mesi getting killed in the ring. If this is true (and I suspect it is) he needs to get out of boxing. Retire now Joe. Not many can say they retired undefeated.

Retiring undefeated in this case would mean very little. Mesi is not exactly Rocky Marciano.

But he does seem like a nice person outside of the ring. If he does have a brain injury he should walk away and not put himself at risk anymore.

wtf? You guys (no offense) are dumbasses. I wish I sucked half as hard as mesi does, if you really think he sucks so bad. 29-0 is a damn fine record. yeah, in a hundred years no one will care who he is, but to say that he hasn't accomplished anything is just foolish

Probably got it from that illegal punch to the back of the head that was called a knock down for some reason.

Are you guys serious? I'm not trying to say he was a champion, I'm just saying that retiring with 28-0 ain't bad. Something to be proud of.

For people who are too lazy to click on the
link provided and actually read the story,
here is Brief from
Is Mesi's Career on The Ropes?
After a 10 round war with Vassiliy Jirov last month that saw him hit the canvas three times before eking out a ten round decision, "Baby" Joe Mesi may have suffered more than just a concussion in the bout with the former cruiserweight champion, according to reports this week by Tim Graham of the Buffalo News and Thomas Hauser of

Both Graham and Hauser report that reliable sources have informed them that a post-fight MRI done on the unbeaten prospect showed a small blood clot on his brain. The presence of a subdural hematoma, if accurate, may spell the end of the career of Mesi (29-0, 25 KOs). As Graham noted, the injury is "a condition that is the main cause of boxing-related deaths."

Mesi denied the news, telling reporters today, "Boxing likes controversy, and this is a controversial story. But it's inaccurate."

Placed on medical suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after the Jirov bout, Mesi must be cleared medically before being allowed back into a ring supervised by the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissioners).

"I would never jeopardize my life," said Mesi, who is in talks to face Mike Tyson later this year, and who said that he expects to be back in the gym next week. "The important thing is, I feel great."

"The important thing is, I feel great."

Honestly, injuries like this scare the shit out of me. You can feel great and look to all the world like you're in the best shape of your life, and then BAM, you die.

I like Mesi, but that's a bad situation if true. I can understand him wanting that big Tyson pay day, but you have to worry about your life at some point.