Message "An error has occurred"on the UG??

Has any of you guys seen this message? Started happening yesterday.

"An error has occurred
A unidentified error has occurred when processing your request. An email has automatically been sent to our technical staff so they can research the difficulty.

go to home page"

Strangely, I can easily proceed after clicking on the link above.

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up. Phone Post 3.0

Help is on the way Mrs.Fletcher.

I couldn`t post a picture right now if I wanted to.

The posting box is broken.

Someone's paying the wrong type of Indians to fix this site Phone Post 3.0

Not working on a computer for me still Phone Post 3.0

Must be a new problem? Haha

I know the guys are aware of it, and working on a fix.

hendofanforlife - 

Only works in old school

as I just found out.