Message from Manny Reyes Jr.! I live by my oun rules. GET IT!!? If Hermes Franca wont fight me then I'll fight....Get it! Karate...Title world champion winner...POPS KRASNOO, BITCH! GET IT!?

Small potatoes with beef and a side of gravie...UFC win...I'll pull a gun in the octagon if I have to cause Im KRAZY like that son...FEG!

GET IT!?!?!



english please

very funny

He really is gonna get hurt badly.

I'd actually like Din Thomas to fight him and expose how bad his stand-up really is before taking him down and cranking the fuck out of a heel hook.

If YOU really wrote all that shit, then you have just made the fuckin tool of the year bro. I haven't fought in 3 years and I know I can kick your stupid ass. Quit being an idiot and go do a kata to "eye of the tiger" stupid.