Message to Gameness...

Great gis, however it seems to be universally accepted that your large patches and logos suck.

I like them all except the big pitbull on the back.

 Why the hate....why not just take them off?

Honestly I never did understand how 90% of kimonos out there are fairly subtle with putting their name all over the gi but Gameness shoots to cover their own gi like crazy.

Other than that I love the gis

free advertising!

The pearl GI isn't covered in obnoxious patches.

Gameness rocks! That's why the patches are on there. FOR THOSE THAT LIKE THEM!

Right now the only Gameness gi that is all patched up is the platinum. The Pearl has only shoulder patches and the single has a front patch. I think we have something for everyone if you like patches or not. And I think everyone is different in what they like.

We sold almost 20,000 gi's last year in all variety's so we're doing decent. Next is the Gameness Elite and the Gameness Feather. Elite will be all patched and ebroidered up. It's IMO the best gi in the world. The features are everthing I've ever wanted in a gi and have been testing it for 2 years. It's really incredible. It's going to be expensive. Around $240...

The Feather is going to replace our single in around March/April of 2010. My goal is the lightest BJJ gi in the world. The problem with light fabric is that it rips so I've been testing one for about 8 months and it is holding up great...

2010 is going to be a great year for Gameness. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah I loved my Gameness gis but I have had both mine rip on me in the last month. Both sleeves ripped down the middle and not even on the seam, but up till that point they were very comfortable and looked good. Like the product but not sure I will get another due to the ripping problem, anyone else experience this problem?

I bet HCK's light wt. gi costs half as much :-(

Love my gameness pearl jacket, low key, strong and light. Dislike the pants, though. Looking forward to checking out the "elite" - is it a gold weave?

serafin, which gi did u have rip? Two gi's ripping isn't normal. How long have you had them? If it's a reasonable time send them back an I'll replace them for u...

Tango, we have new pants coming out too. They are super light weight. The reason I went with the heavy, almost denim canvas pants was for durability. But the new light ripstop pants are sweet.

Lumbricas, try the Pearl out. It has a light rubber collar...

and Madtiger, Howard makes a fantastic gi. super high quality, great stitching and cotton. The feather is going to retail at $99.00 replacing our single.

just wanted to say i love the pearl and the platinum another great thing about your gis is that they are affordable please try and keep it that way

The pearl hardly has any patches on it, and it's only like $100. I have a pearl and I like it a lot, it's a great lightweight gi, but I think the collar is a little too thin. I'd like to suggest putting a thicker lapel on it in the future. That's the only thing I would change about it.

Thanks for the response, MMAPitbull. What weave is the elite? I'm really interested in getting one.

thanks quiksilver! The Pearl price should stay the same in 2010. The Feather is going to also be the same price as the single.

Redaxe, Currently the single and the Platinum have the thick collar. The Pearl is thin w/ rubber collar. The new elite gi is going to be the first gi(that I know of) that has the thickest possible collar avaiable but still has a rubber inside it instead of cotton wrapped thick which hold sweat and water. In the past the reason the collar was thin was for the rubber inside. We had them do a run of a thicker foam for these gi's and the collar is awesome. It took a while to get it right but it's great now.

tango,The Elite is going to be the same as the Pearl(a very tightly nit single weave) I was exploring the platinum and gold weave for this gi but I couldn't get the weight down where I wanted it and I've really never been a huge fan of the gold weave.

I have the Elite in the platinum gold and Pearl for my prototypes but I like the Pearl the best. It also doesn't hold as much sweat as the platinum and drys very fast. It has a rash guard dry fit type lining that goes all the way to the wrist. It feels like silk on your skin when you put it on. It weighs about 4 pounds w/ the pants included.

One thing that people don't think about a lot is how sweaty gi's dry. That's one of the goals with this gi and we achieved it. It drys very fast because of the lining. The idea is in competition to have the gi dry as fast as possible so it's lighters when you compete.

I've tested it for about 2 years and the lining has had no problems w/ ripping. We displayed it for the first time at the GQ in Vegas a couple weeks ago and sold out of our first 10 gi's with great reviews.

Seeing as I have a new gym, I could really use a Gameness sponsor!!!!

Where can I purchase Gameness tshirts????

Lol, I love how this thread has gone from "Gameness patches suck!" to "Sponsor me!" which would obviously require lots of patches.