message to you know who you are !!

Most people around me would tell me not to post this but this is something I want to do and feel I have earned the right, plus everyone that knows me knows I am the least politically correct guy around, LOL

I know what you did to me and my show and by extension the fighters I was intending to showcase to the world on what was to have been the greatest card and fight lineup in Canadian history and the inaugural Shut-up and Fight, Proving Grounds .It's been almost 6 months, I have been busy, not thinking of you much, really just kinda focused on my goal to take canadian MMA forward and help Canadian fighters get into the American market . After me and my wife refunded over 4000 tickets, we opened the biggest academy in Canada and one of the premier facilities in Canada and the United States, FOR FIGHTERS, we are close to announcing a huge fighter we are sponsoring for the clothing line, Shut-up and Fight. Dual tournaments, Canada vs United States, The WHOLE world watching,Eddie Bravo seminar same weekend as the fights, every magazine their, every website their, a seminar schedule like nowhere else in the world the first six months. Abu Dhabi Combat North American trials in Vernon B.C., huge open tourney with huge cash prizes FOR GRAPPLERS, two fight cards in two nights, Canadian fighters show cased to the world I am gloating and babbling I don't want to come across as an asshole I will get to the point and it is this, to a person who's name I need not say you know who you are shitbag.....

It's been a tough six 6 months, most people didn't think they would ever hear from me again


Leslie Dickens

...bravo...and I'm not referring to Eddie ;)


Smiling from ear to ear baby!!!!!

very excited about MMA in western Canada

lol, that must have felt good.


if you strike this guy down he just comes back 5 times as hard. if someone somehow managed to throw a wrench into the plans for the big weekend in september, i'm sure we'd be seeing a card shortly after rivaling the heavyweight GP in scale. lol.

I do what I say I am going to do, period!


Sign on to your MSN boss.

Thanks !


Who wants to wager that within 2 weeks before or after the MEGA WEEKEND, there will be an event held in another province?

Perhaps double or nothing on the same date?

That would be the Sept.19th weekend, birthdate of yours truly. This will be one of the best birthday presents ever...:)

Vince MacMahon was famous for creating huge events on the dates his competition had previously announced events. I believe things like Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, etc. were all created especially to shaft pre-existing NWA gates.

I doubt TKO could put on something comparable. It's just not possible.

Actually a "who's dick is bigger" contest is fine with me but I would prefer "who's wallet is bigger?" LOL This weekend is about what it should be about THE FIGHTERS a group of like minded people coming together to celebrate the sport , that is what I said i would do after my event got cancelled, this is it. My plans are to host a weekend like this every year getting bigger and bigger. Give me one year and see what I intend to do in Vancouver. Myself and Jason discussed the idea of us funding a weekend like this next spring only for 15,000 people at a huge venue in Vancouver, all seats $20. This is the beginning of the future and myself and Jason intend to work with Showdown and do what needs to be done . Their is a core group of people forming that are going to make things right in Canada this is indeed very exciting and a great honor to work with stand-up guys.


Good on ya!
Can't wait to hear more!

Wow, North American trials, an mma academy, tournaments, mma clothing, seminars.

You have to love a guy who comes back harder than ever when you piss him off.

Up wit da ShutUp&Fight crew!

This weekend is a small piece of the pie in what we are planning for the next 18 months, thanks for your support. After several suprisingly short conversations with my soon to be wife on how "investing over $150,000 into a gym in 12 months is wise for the future" and then how investing "$50,000 into the clothing line is a good investment" I didn't think I would have much of my balls to jump on Shut-up and Fight the fightcard but she recently stepped up and quit her fulltime very well paying job at a insurance company to work on the various projects with me and basically gave me the blank check to do what me and my friend Jason Darrah feel we need to do to help MMA in Canada. I am not bragging but within the next 12 months I will have invested over $350,000 in Canadian Mixed Martial Arts Industry so we are in this for the long haul and the right reasons, I am proud to say I believe in Canadian fighters potential. I am inviting fighters out here to both live and train. Our fights will be live webcast ( just working that out ) every eight weeks so we are offering a venue to showcase skills.

Enough babbling, one of the biggest reasons I am doing what I am doing was the guys who stood their the night my fight was cancelled and supported me even when they didn't have any obligation to do so, the hardest night of my life and most humbling. Chris Brennan,Buck Greer, Adam Lynn, Bill and Bruno and the PG crew ( class acts ) Big Poppa Schnake, Mike and Paul the showdown guys,truely great guys with sincere love and respect for the sport. I love this sport I am just another starry eyed fan really . I don't train in any way ( fat tattoed biker type actually),I have no aspirations of going to the UFC as a fighter I just love the sport period and the people who are in it and am glad i can help fighters and the sport in whatever way possible.Some people say that I am spending to much money on a sport and way to much money for a small town in B.C. . I say i have found myself the best retirement pastime and a sure thing for a longterm investment .....Canadian Mixed Martial Arts , fuck am i happy to be back in the game!!!

Leslie Dickens

MMA Fan and proud part ( finally, lol) of Canadian MMA

I bet my goatie's bigger than yours ;]

LOL yes it is my man But the body that mine is attached to is twice the size of yours! The original Canadian bad ass speaks! Hope we can have you out here someday

Every 8 weeks?