Messing with day laborers at home depot

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Fact is I’ve known plenty of legal immigrants and born citizens who’ve stood in the day labor line up when they’re down on their luck or need a job. No one wants to be there and fuck anyone who mocks a man trying to earn a wage.  

The day labor line isnt at Home Depot, you go to a day labor workforce company and you get a check and there is paperwork.

Please do tell which staffing agency??

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Munk - I'm against illegal immigration, but if a man is out trying to work then he should be left alone. We've got bums in trailers and section 8 who couldn't keep up with these guys for 1/2 a day.



in theory yes, but it’s not simply work.  work tax free, to send money out of the country, and usually not quality work

in Texas I’ve had a good 12+ Mexican crews to do their bread and butter work, lawn care.  each one did a poor job.  one guy swung a metal trimmer around and dented my bumper on my brand new truck, then denied it.  i heard it when it happened, ran out, fresh dent.  the others either couldn’t edge properly, left many long blades of grass untouched, cut it way too high, it was always something.  one crew would take long breaks drinking beer in my yard

i’d be a lot more tolerant if they actually loved this country but they don’t.  they fly their mexican flags and blare their Mexican music. 

i remember one Mexican heritage news reporter lady covering a Mexicans in the street protest wanting equal rights. they were literally waving Mexican flags.  she was so annoyed with them.  she went up to many and asked "why are you protesting?" and they couldn’t answer her.  The Mexican news reporter was so disgusted and cut them no slack

it’s been to the USA’s determinent to have a 3rd world country on its open border.  

I wasn’t clear enough. I’m all for deporting them, building a wall, and part of the legal immigration process is to make clear that you are here to join this country and you come offering a skill set.

We’re all colored by our experiences and the Mexican’s I’ve met have been really hard working and were not all about Mexico…but that’s in the North East.

I also want them to arrive with a simple offering of lucha masks and Gran Patron to their new masters.