Met a guy at the poker table yesterday who claimed to have just gotten out of 28 days in hospital for his 6th bout with covid

Let me guess : he took all your money at the poker table by bluffing he had a royal flush on every hand?

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Shut up evil Dr. Knowitall. You promote DEATH. Look at your avatar. DEATH.

Pazuzu is not a communist asshole. He’s just a friendly demon trying to get by.

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Murdering death killer murderer.


What’s his gofundme?



You forgot “good poker player” somewhere

Dr. Killer performs the blood sacrifice at Bohemian Grove for satan. The truth shall come to light.

Let’s get this straight… Dr Mata saves lives… the Canadian you’re thinking of is Cappy Dougie…

Side note, on the turnpike today on an overpass bridge I saw a sign that said “Jesus or hell” that I laughed at for several minutes.

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They’ve never been to NY. They do take the train from Oceanside down to San Diego a lot. That’s my guess. I just recently quit working at a casino I’d been at for a few years. I’m 100% certain that’s where all of us caught it the first time, and I’m about 90% the wife caught it from me the last time. My immune system is just better. It gave me an excuse to quit, so I’m using it.

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Maybe he should stop gambling and find Jesus instead.

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You know I was joking .

Probably didn’t happen. But there are some people that are immunocompromised and are not forming a proper immune response.

And you are a shill of a man,carry on.

Oh No GIF by The Maury Show

I used to work at the same casino two times. Wonder if we worked together.