Met an Olympic Gold Medalist

My friends and I know the owners of a bar in NYC and we hang out there a lot. Well we were drinking there last night some friends of the owner come in. The owner told me that one of them won the gold medal at Athens in wrestling. He introduced me to him, and the guy claimed to be the 96 kg Greco Roman gold medalist. He is from Egypt. Wonder if anyone on the UG knows who he is.

He was a very cool guy. BSed with him about wrestling and congratulated him. Told him about Pride and UFC and how a lot of wrestlers turn to MMA. I could not believe how humble and down to earth he was.

On a side not, when I asked him what weight he said 211. Now, it did not register with me at first, but I immediately asked him if it was lpb's or kg's. He smiled and said lbp's. Then I realized how sumb my question was.

Karam Ibrahim who just fought in K1.

I met him a number of times at the NYAC. He's a very nice guy and a great wrestler.

I didn't know he's in NY now though...

That can guy can wrestle and very strong, smoked everybody on the mat.

When they presented his gold, his coach came to hug him, he did a playful belly to belly suplex, quite funny.

Yea, that is him. I just looked him up. I was surprised that he did not mention his K1 loss to Fujita. Maybe he was embarresed. He should not have been in there with Fujita anyway if it was his first fight.

Is 96 kg the weight class below Heavy?

LOL, are u trolling? cant tell..


he must have been nodding and smiling an awful lot

hmm...does sound trollish. whats the dilly-o?

How could he have just fought in Pride if he just fought Fujita in K-1?

He is suppose to be coming to the academy where i train some time soon

What academy?

everything else aside, it is interesting that Karam really does walk around at 94-96kg.

in 1996 the weightlimit was -100kg (rather than -96kg at this olympics) and kurt angle weighed 96kg for that event.

Could be Kareem..

I heard karem will be training in Co. Springs

Academy of mixed martial arts in portland ME, my instructor knows his brother or something like that i didnt get the whole scoop... all i know is i was told that an olympic gold medalist was coming to train and its def. the same guy

Karam is very small for a light-heavy. He was 10 or 15 lbs lighter than the other guys in his weightclass at the AC.

The guy is amazing. Best Greco-wrestler since Karelin. Pure domination of his opponents. I hope he continues wrestling.

Why do you think I am trolling?

I have over 1000 posts, but I have also been here since the very beginning. I have heard of the guy before, just did not know what he look like.

Again, he was a very nice guy and he has a new fan.

i work at copa cabana in nyc and met his much smaller cousin there last night, he actually told me his cousin was downtown in the village last night. his cousins name was ali and says he is being billed to fight sudo in japan soon. Really nice kid more than happy to talk about fighting.

do they train in the USA or in egypt?

i hope karam keeps competing mma because he's the best prospect ever

Yeah, he's an awesome prospect.

He fought Fujita in the last K-1 show.

But his boxing is far, far, far from good though, and it'll get him hurt again if he keeps forcing boxing when he's so wide open in every exchange.

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what sort of a moron are you?

There is an Egyptian Greco Wrestler that won a Silver metal in the Olympics that bounces at a bar called Boxers on North 4th Street NYC. His name was Darwish Abel Aziz (Sp ?) He was a very nice guy, humble and a complete bad ass. He taught me a ton as I just started to get into grappling many years ago.