Met Jason Reinhardt cool guy

Had the pleasure of sitting next to the great man during this past weekends afc fight card in Melbourne Australia. He is now living in Melbourne and training out at XFC in carrum downs great chance to learn from a down to earth experienced guy. And if you see this Jason thanks for the chat and being so friendly Phone Post 3.0

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I met him years ago. He could not have been a nicer guy. I wish him all the best. He stuck out as being a really good guy Phone Post 3.0

Jason is a great guy! Phone Post 3.0

Is that the guy that gave crabs to his parents? If so, yeah that dude is awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Jason is a great guy and I'm proud to call him a friend.

He is working hard to give back to MMA and his USA vs The World event was pretty cool.

Decent dude for certain.

Sure, he crushed some cans and we can rib on that a little but he took any fight he could get and at his weight it wasn't as if there were too many better choices locally.

He's got cool stories, is an old school bad ass from Miletich and made it to the UFC a few times in the era in which not so many did with running far fewer shoes.

Hopefully he'll get back to posting and share what he's doing in Australia with everyone here. Phone Post 3.0

I just saw this friends. Thank you for the kind words. Your support means everything to me. I love being in australia with my new coaching career. I wish you all health and happiness! Never Give Up! your friend, Jason