Met Joe Rogan in WPB !!!!!

I met Joe Rogan last Fri in West Palm Beach Florida. Apparantly, he works as a comedian !!!....anyways, he was in a club in a gated area and I just yelled "underground"..and he looked right over.....real cool guy...offered me tix the next day etc....and to boot, former Hwt. champion Micheal Moorer who I have met before because I am from Pittsburgh was also there hangin...I've got a great shot of Joe, Mike and myself..but cant post the pix..if anyone who has that ability would like to...i can email you the shot and you can post it....Thanks for the Pixs Joe........Brasco

yea...i should try that more

Here is the picture:

Uh, do Brasco and Cunliffe know each other? How did he get that picture?




Joe Rogan, Howie from Backstreet Boys, Michael Moorer

lol at mmatom even knowing the name of backstreet boy.

Yeah I met Joe with Eddie Bravo in NYC, cool as hell.

hi howie!

I love the advice you give on culture on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

It's not a big deal, law dog. Brasco, Moore and I are all from Pennsylvania.

"lol at mmatom even knowing the name of backstreet boy."

This was inevitable.

looks like a bad star trek convention

Joe is sweaty as fuck in that pic lol