Met Mick Foley last night

Went to his stand up show in Tampa. Guy is a great speaker, pretty darn funny, mostly talks about stories from the wrestling days.

Great points he made:
Brock beat the streak because he doesn't give a shit about the fans lol

And that if anybody ever gives you slack about being a wrestling fan just remember, it's the only sport that the competitor is knocked out the match has continued Phone Post 3.0

I met him a few weeks ago, really cool guy. I brought an old FMW program to sign and he spent a few minutes flipping through it, showing the people that worked there how crazy he used to be, it was a pretty funny exchange

Points to some pics, "Yeah, we used to do that, fire, explosions, you know, no big deal"

"Is that barbed wire?!"

"Yep, that too" Phone Post 3.0

That's awesome, I'm fully jealous of you two Phone Post 3.0

Yeah he is super laid back! Wears sweat pants and Payless shoes with his Santa shirts lol
He texted Kurt angle while I was talking to him, wishing him a successful surgery. I was fanboying so hard to see Kurt's number haha Phone Post 3.0

Mick's a pretty cool cat if/when you meet him.

I met him at one of his shows in February. I was pretty loaded by the end of it and asked him why Cactus Jack doesn't join the Wyatt Family as a manager. Then I invited him to karaoke. He tolerated me, thankfully. Phone Post 3.0