Met Old School Tard Charger/ALM on KJ. Know him?

Funny story, so I am in the UC and someone in the UC comes up to me and says "ill beat that little goblin like igor." So I laugh and ask who is this. He asks if Im FW old school ALM. I guess he doesnt post here anymore because he didnt know about the new and improved ALM.

He asked about Twunt and Ferox. I said they werent in the guild but Bugar was. He says he has 4 80s on KJ and will join as long as some fuckhead named Barrymanalow isnt in the guild, that shithead ruined Tard Chargers and put him off to OG guilds forever.

I know you cant guess them from that info but I bet is was funny for him to be strolling in the UC and see the guild Angry Lazer Monkeys lol.

what was this mystery persons name?

bearymanalow is still on FW so mystery man is safe on KJ


Hahaha. Beary cracks me up. I used to give him lots of shit for his Pally healing all the time. He's gone druid, unfortunately. :(

Shoppingcart MADE Angry Lazer Monkeys!

I honestly can't remember how I know who ShoppingCart is.

 Shoppingcart was either 13 or 14. I don't think people realized that.

He used to try to clown me sometimes but I would remind him his voice hadn't changed and he sounded like a young girl in vent. I liked him because he had trade chat on lock down with his trolling on his character Partygnome. I felt he would fit right in since most of us had dealt with trolls in the past and knew to ignore it.

How is leveling going DB? When are you coming you KJ?

Now I remember...I had a lvl19 female Troll Hunter on Frostwolf from when I first started playing the game. My items were only restored on my main server after I got my account hacked, so my character was completely naked

I got summoned to Outland by the Tard Chargers and was running around naked, punching Alliance.

HaMMerHouseFAN - How is leveling going DB? When are you coming you KJ?

Hammerhouse! I have an important question to ask you.

 What's up?

So you must be Armbreaker then?

 I am lvl 82 right now

 Oh yeah and after 85 I'll probably do KJ if there is no q and the guild is going strong.

 Beary, formerly Arthtas is a friend of mine and I can't imagine anyone hating the guy. I also dont think he was around for the Tards but joined during ALM

 Thinking back, someone caused some minor fuss for me back then, going from person to person and making shit up. It ended up a couple of guys I always got along with felt the need to talk shit about me and that was the end of the good times on US servers for me.

This thread has reminded me of that and made my mind up to not return, so thats good I suppose.

 OP, was it Omaplata? 

If I get no response, I assume the answer is yes. 

Some of you don't remember him, because he played mainly pre BC, then he joined the Marines I think and quit. He came back very briefly in BC sometime and got pissed at someone and left.

If it is Omaplata tell him I may make the move to KJ and we can tear shit up.

 ok nm it appears to be whiteside

 white rocks