Met Rachelle and Dana on Saturday

Title says it all.
Met Rachelle when she was "off duty" from promotional stuff waiting for her car. As hot as you see on tv and very nice too.
Dana had huge crowds of people wanting pictures with him. Seemed a good guy.

I'll get the pictures up soon.

Only problem, she didn't have her ring girl outfit on!

Big martial arts event in Birmingham, UK called SENI.
Chuck was there, so was Roger Gracie, Braulio, Legarto, Ian Freeman (who's coming back) and loads of others.
Seemed like 90% of the people there were there for BJJ and MMA.

I was there on both days. I competed at the gracie invitational and was there on the Sunday to watch the Urban Gorillaz event and other stuff.

I heard Dana was there, but it would have been nice to see Rachelle! I saw Chuck, Mark Weir and Jeff Monson was competing as well.

It did seem like BJJ and MMA took up most of the venue.

How did you do?
Was sat watching on Saturday gutted I didn't enter.

Not too good. I trained for the white belt under 70kg only to to end up facing a friend and training partner of mine. It would have been nice to meet up later in the tournament but the probability of us meeting up was always there.

I'm just a bit gutted because I would have liked to compete against someone I didn't know. That was the main reason for me entering the tournament in the first place On the other hand, I'm happy that my friend got through to place 2nd.

If I'd entered we might have fought! Thats my class.
You had a lucky escape! haha

Haha! You should have entered! It was a fun day weekend though. The organisation could have been better, but it seems like the BJJ scene in the UK is growing stronger and stronger.

I also put my name down for the white belt absolute, but it got cancelled due to the sheer numbers entering.

Saw that. Not been in a comp for months now.

Who was the white belt with long hair, looked about 15 who was kicking everyones arse? Looked like under 70kg.

Not sure. There were some real tough guys in the under 70kg and also the under 64s as well.

I'm up for doing another comp now!

Totally different game isn't it?

First time I entered I did great running on adrenaline for the first 3 fights, won them all, then in my 4th, tired BADLY. lol become a bit of a blur when you're on the mat!

Where do u train?

GB Manchester
How about you?

I train at the Impact Academy in Stoke and am under Carlos Lemos. I've been up to Bolton and trained at GB Manchester a few times. I was up for the Roger Gracie seminar a few months ago and did the interclub thing Carl ran last year!

I was at Rogers, but was away for last years comp.
Its moved to Oldham now from Bolton. Carlos was supposed to be coming up for a seminar, but is he back in Brazil at the moment?

Carlos is back in the UK now. He was at Seni for his superfight. I'm planning on going to see him in Bristol soon (when work doesn't get in the way!)