met Tito this weekend...

This weekend , Tito Ortiz came to a nightclub in my hometown .(Calgary). For those of you who havent seen him , he is HUGE in person.He was also a very sincere and genuinely friendly guy.
Tito treated all of his fans really well , and he humored us all with photo requests and autographs.

It was really cool to meet him , and I hope to see him in the cage again soon.

Take care,

Brad Cardinal

fo sho

Which club and what's he doing in Calgary?

Tito goes out of his way to be cool to his fans.

Gary Hughes

Did Tito say 'dizznuts' when you met him?




I am in agreement with Spaghetti.

Had a chance to talk a little bit about training, picked up a couple of those awesome Team Punishment long sleeved t-shirts and had a pic.

I am looking forward to doing a seminar with Tito next time he is in town and getting a beatdown.