Metal-themed rashguard pre-order campaign

Hello there,

been posting my BJJ/MMA illustrations and paintings here for a while.

I have teamed-up with Curious Grappler from #Occasionalporrada in order to bring you a metal-themed rashguard, we decided to pay hommage to those classic old-school metal longsleeves:

We are doing those with Ground Game, so top notch quality.

The pre-order campaign is live and ends the 25/12/2021, shipping is expected around march 2022.

More info and pre-orders here



Here are the pics of the finished product :

As the pics generated some interest over at Reddit and Instagram, we might do a 2nd batch, if anyone is interested DM me, the cost was 41 EUR + shipping.


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I like bolos, but the majority of posters here are going to call you a fag over it becuz they so old school.

I think bolos might be old-school by now, they were all the rage 10 years ago when I was a white belt!