Metallica playing in front of 1.2 - 1.5 million people in Moscow 1991

That crowd must have been rowdy as fuck as communism just recently fell and this was the first concert there


That video is so amazing. Love watching it.

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On one hand they were hugely popular and already playing arenas, but I can only imagine that there’s no way to be about to play in front of over 1M people and not be nervous

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Can you imagine what that place smelt like? There’s no way they had enough bathrooms!

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I have nyet seen this.

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Toshino Airfield, an incredible moment in time captured on video! Still amazing every time I see it and yes Metallica fucking crushed it!

It’s funny that when I first got A year and a half in the early 90’s, this crowd was estimated at between 3-500,000. Now it’s 1.2 million haha.