Metamoris II.....more boring than Contenders?

It took more than 10 yrs, but record for most irrelevant and boring grappling event is in danger of being shattered Phone Post 3.0

I too am in favor of Ralek tapping at this seems a perfect fit.

Does anybody else think Ed O'neil is rethinking his decision to commentate? Phone Post 3.0

All jokes aside, I appreciate Viera's effort. He really went after it. Too bad Braulio just wanted to survive and use lapel mastery to prevent pass. Phone Post 3.0

It seems the main difference between this event and the first is that the majority of the guys were content to ride the clock and not genuinely go for it. Rodolfo, galvao, dern and lovato so far have been the only ones who genuinely went for. So far mostly stupid matches with limited sub attempts other than lame footlocks. Phone Post

Lots of complaints in the show. I'm not even a BJJ guy, but a 15+ year submission grappler and Judoka and I enjoyed the show.

1) Brendon performance was as sickening as a double guard pull.
A) If Cyborg had better takedowns, it would of be a short match. So, don't complain...improve your takedowns, establish top position and submitt! I think that's call GJJ!(A forgotten concept)

2)I loved all of the technique I saw. (the little things)

3)Andre and Kron made me a fan, never was before.

4)Gracie overpromotion is sickening, but it is a sickness I'm use to by now.

5)Wrestling and judo are incredibly intense and very technical, and difficult to learn after you are 18...but BJJ is the Gi BJJ most sophisticated combat sport ever.
And safest!

6) Being in this game as long as I have, it still trips me out when I see BJJ guys going for leg and footlooks. They are at the same level MMA striking is compared to pure boxing, compared to Sambo and Catchwresting, In five years the Brazilian will be able to use leg locks they they do triangles now.

7) Go back to the old gracie rules, no points first half and point next half.

8)Russians!!!!!!!!!!!Get them in there.

9)More women!!!!!!!!!!!!

10) half and half gi and no gi

11. Put it in a cage

12, I Loved it!

13, BJJ didn't win one new fan, but made the devoted ones more devoted.