Metamoris Saku/Renzo POSTER (by Masato Toys)

Who the fuck is Renzol Gracie? The poster differs from thread title. Phone Post 3.0

i thought the Renzol was funny, what's that dudes name in the photo?



ha ha


Saku vs Jesus Quintana? Great match.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus. Phone Post 3.0

LOL at john turturro!!

"what's this day of rest shit!??? What's this BOOLshit?? I don't fucking care! It don' matter to Jesus"

Haha Jon Turturro as Reno! Nice! Phone Post 3.0

I love it :-)

Kirik - 

I love it :-)

thanks dude :)

Well played VU

Hehe Phone Post 3.0

bump 4 Jesus

Lolz Phone Post 3.0

Royce Gracie is not gonna like this. Phone Post 3.0

lol nice work Masato!


The secret match isn't being talked about at all. I wonder who it is

Don't fuck with the Renzol! Phone Post 3.0