Meteor Shower Alert

There are actually 4 different meteor showers that are underway right now. The biggest and probably best is the Perseids. If the Perseids are anywhere near as active as they were in 2018, this will be a nightly event that is worth sitting outside for when the skies are at least 50% clear. Right now the best time to watch is in the hours before dawn.

The Perseids will peak on August 12, but as soon as we're a couple of days past the next full moon the moonlight will become less of a factor each night. The full moon is August 3. At the peak of the meteor shower, the moon will be rising well after midnight and it will only be about half illuminated. In a good year, the Perseids can produce 100 or more shooting stars per hour. Best time to watch around the peak is up to midnight, when the moon is still below the horizon.

After August there won't be another (potentially) great shower until December, when the Geminids get underway. If you didn't see the Geminids last December, you missed one of the most spectacular showers in years. So: get your shooting star fix over the course of the next few weeks.

Meteor shower calendar:


Tonight’s plans locked in:

Meteor shower> golden shower> shower. 



Perfect timing. Heading to the lake tonight.

Why does all this shit have to be best before dawn?  Like I’m waking my ass up at 4am to go watch sky sparkles. Get that shit going at 11 so I can see it and then go to sleep. Fucking inconsiderate-ass meteors fuck you!

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last night wife and i were on the porch and i swear i saw a shooting star/meteor in the sky

she said i was just high (i was)

thanks for the thread im sending her this link to vinidcate myself

I watched it in Florida in 2018 on the indian river with my wife, while we were watching from the dock 2 dolphins swam by and lit up the bioluminescence. If I was on shrooms I would've came, it was fucking awesome. has a good guide to making the most of the Perseids meteor shower. Remember: the shower is active for a couple of weeks on either side of the peak. The meteors have been showing up already and will continue to increase in number as we head for the Aug. 12 peak.

Excerpts from their article: 

"You still might see up to 40 to 50 meteors per hour at the shower’s peak, even in the light of a bright moon. Try to watch after midnight but before moonrise. In a typical year, meteor numbers increase after midnight. But – before dawn on all three peak mornings (August 11, 12 and 13) – fairly bright moonlight will flood the sky. Be aware that the Perseid meteors will start to fly in mid-to-late evening from northerly latitudes." 

Out trying to watching but city lights not helping. Saw one huge one that looked like it was lower than plane then one quick white one 

Rain/clouds in the forecast for the next week for me... 

Stared at the sky for about half an hour tonight and didn’t see a damn thing. Usually get a couple crappy ones for that kind of effort. 

So are you supposed to just look up anywhere on the planet and see them? I tried to find specifics on how to watch but since I aint no nerd, I no understand.

Yeah, beatbum, just look up. The rocks enter the atmosphere and burn up, and that can happen anywhere in the sky. And since you “aint no nerd”, it’s best for you to lie down on a comfy recliner, smoke a joint, relax and be patient. If you see 20 or 30 per hour, you’re doing great.


Out for 90 minutes and only saw one but it was a huge straight down burner 

I watched it last night with my daughters. Spectacular. One per minute, with some amazing smoke trails on some of them. It should still be decent tonight.


hope I have enough beers to enjoy this boys

Saw 2 tonight.   Couple quickies

I've seen so many this week! i'm bout to go hike up into the hills with some weed, cheap booze and my portable speaker, will probably stay up there until 2-3am, hopefully they're still as frequent tonight! I also wish I had a real telescope.

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This morning was actually the most meteor activity I've seen in the past 10 days or so, even though we're supposedly past the "peak" of the shower. It helped that this was one of the few really clear skies we've had recently where I live (Florida).

Side note: This is a great time to see Mars, which is really distinctive right now, and Venus near the crescent moon in the pre-dawn sky (look to the east for the moon and Venus).