In '97 I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my then girlfriend. She loved Mickey Mouse and made me stand in line for half an hour so we could get a picture with Mickey and Minnie. The whole time I berated her, telling her how Mickey Mouse was gay and that Minnie was just Mickey in drag. 30 minutes later we're standing next to Mickey to get a picture and the damn mouse grabbed my ass. 


where you there for a quickie? 

I had a legit #metoo moment but didn't post the story on fb. I was laughed at and told that it wasn't funny when my friends were making jokes about me. These were mostly women.. lol
Good thing I wasn't traumatized by it. Was crazy to see women who claim things have happened to them , belittle a man and not believe it to be real.

I don’t understand all the. Pound me too. Talk.  Keep that to yourselves 

The cashier at the gas station down the road called me honey #metoo