Metro FC Is Rolling!!!

Big shout out to Quincy Rice for getting the MFC steamrolling with a gaggle of new badasses.   Props to Jon Travis for his assistance.

Check out the new scedule:

Please accept this as an invitation for any and all to come check us out and roll with us.



We will be starting BJJ classes (on top of our judo,submission and mma classes) within the next month guys, so stay tuned!! Get into metro today!!

TTT for Metro!


Awesome site, Quincy. Looks really good, man!

Who is going to be teaching the bjj? Good luck, man.

andre, we have a purple belt who will be running classes. Not a big name, but a great teacher. Ideally, I want MFC to be a Behring assoc on top of what we already teach...I am going to talk to Marcio about that when he comes up in march (he said he is bringing me my purple belt!! yeehaw!).

How have you been bro, my new e-mail is, thanks for the compliments on the site, its still a work in progress as my site building skills are all trial and error..

Congrats Quincy! Good Luck with everything that you are doing.


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF


The site is really really good. That's awesome that you will have a good purple teaching there, and congrats on getting your long overdue purple!!! AWESOME!!

when are you gonna visit LA?

Havnt got it yet, got to wait for the big man to make his way back up here in March..

We are very stoked to be offering BJJ and that we have someone to teach for us..We are right acrossed the street from the University of Michigan Submission and BJJ Club (I teach submission wrestling there) as well so adding BJJ is going to be great for the guys who study BJJ there (cause classes end in summer and now they have a place to continue their BJJ training right next door..)

Nice site Q, you do that yourself?

Looking Good!


Yeah, I did it myself, like I said, it still needs work...Made it using "swish"..It's an awesome way to build a site..Your site uses flash, what program did you use to build it?