Metro Redux

I watched some videos of this and it looks pretty good. I played Metro 2033 a bit on Xbox 360, but the graphics were so shitty that it was distracting and kept me from getting into this. They've definitely put some time into making improvements. I know a lot of PC guys praise this series, so I'm looking forward to it on PS4.

Surprised none of you are checking this out. The new Diablo and Destiny seem to be the games everyone is talking about around here.

Some guy was streaming this early on PS4 and it kind of game me a Wolfenstein vibe a little bit. I enjoyed that game a lot, so I expect to have a good time with these games.

I heard how bad the 360 version was from a fellow OGer and I just ignored anything that said Metro from then on

Pc versions were awesome Phone Post 3.0

Metro Last Light was great, a little overly linear, but it had an amazing look and great graphics. This was on PC.

If anyone is interested in getting this on pc steam has Metro: Last Light on sale for $4.99 right now. If you own the original you can pre-purchase the redux for half off.

Mihow - annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd day one patch breaks the game with no solution yet YAY

Wat? Is this an XB1 thing or is it for all versions?


I blame Lizard Squad