Mexican food any good at Hardee's

Don't have any Hardee's on my side of town but I see them around advertising burritos,tacos...any good?

Sad to say, I do enjoy an occaisional trip to Taco Bell, how does Hardee's compare? Thanks.

Its Green Burrito

Carls jr out here

I think it is called Red Burrito at the Hardee's I saw. Might try it out one day, now that I have to venture to that side of town.

Taco Bell != mexican food

Yep definitely Green Burrito on the west coast.

I am the least picky eater on the planet which is to say I love jack in the box tacos even though everyone hates them.

That being said, Green Burrito is the absolute worst Mexican food to me. Nasty and greasy. Phone Post 3.0