Mexican Soccer Uses Donald Trump (vid)

More shit keeps coming out of Trump's mouth, with Bachmann and Palin in tow... is this real life? But yeah, sure makes it easy to make a fantastic ad.

Great commercial. Both are my teams but Ima cheering on Mexico tomorrow Phone Post 3.0

I grew up watching both, so stoked for this game. I think Mexico is going to win a pretty one sided game.
Ps fuck trump Phone Post 3.0

I'm honestly shocked that Mexico actually came up with something so creative. Pero...

DOS A CERO! Phone Post 3.0

I like the commercial but what happens when we push their shit in


If Team USA loses, it's Trump's fault. If Team USA wins, he will become President.


It's the law.


LMAO saw that one yesterday on the argentina - mexico game.

This guys at TvAzteca like to fool around.
These are the same guys that have Chavez Sr., Barrera and sometimes Morales commentating boxing on saturdays.