Mexico News

If you noticed in my last fight in Mexico my opponent was DQ'ed because of headbutts, I will be addressuing this in 2 minutes

tune in

Those Mexicans are sneaky bastards.

wait until you hear what happened

Damnit Wes 2 minutes is up!


taps foot waiting ......


You probably hit him with your big chin & he had no choice but to retaliate! Ever think about that?

I am on

someone post the story, I have to get back to work

Haha Sims is the man!

"I said fuck you Mexico and told them to suck my dick."

Wes if you compete in Mexico MMA Hector Molina is the man you need to compete for. He always treats his guys first class and we eat good to. :)

ttt for Mexico

so what happened?

Yeah, wtf happened?

ttt 4 a wtf