Mexico Trip in August

In August I am traveling alone in Mexico for 9 days. I will fly into Leon, then spend two nights in Guanajuato...two nights in San Miguel de Allende...take the bus to Mexico City...stayin Mexico City for two nights...then bus to Acapulco and stay for the last two nights.

I'm staying in hostels the whole time and my accomodation expenses will be less than $100.

Anybody ever go to any of these places? I here a lot of good things about Guanajuato.

Skip Acapulco, I didnt like it there at all. I did however like all of the other destinations that you have mentioned. My favorite being Mexico city, the pyramids there are amazing. If you want to do something adventurous replace your two days in Acapulco and go to Taxco instead.

I did end up skipping Acapulco. While in Mexico, I ended up buying a ticket to Havana, Cuba and spent four days there. My intenerary looked like this: Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allenda, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Havana, Mexico City. I had a great time!

How was Cuba ?

Cuba was pretty good, but somewhat stressful. My trip there was "unofficial" so the entire time, I was nervous about getting nailed by US customs upon reentry to the states. Fortunatly, Cuba does not stamp passports and customs at LAX did not examine it too closely.

Cuba is a beautiful country, lots of things to see and places to go. The women there are gorgeous. Unfortunatly, I found it very difficult to trust people there. Because of the economic system, many people in Havana have stopped working and become street hustlers. They can make much more money hustling tourists than working regular jobs. So when I met people,it was difficult to determine whether they were genuine or just after my dollars. That being said, Cubans were very gracious when they found out I was an American. I suppose they appreciated the risk I was taking by visiting there and defying the embargo. All the anger towards the US is directed at our government and the so-called "Miami Mafia" who really dictate the embargo.

From my observation, the embargo is a joke. The only person in the whole world who benifits from it is Fidel Castro, who uses the embargo for much of his political rhetoric.

For the tourist, Cuba is not necessarly a cheap place. Because many things are government controlled, they can jack up prices relativly high. The secret to budgetting in Cuba, is to convert your money to Cuban pesos, and buy food and such in peso stores, which are government subsidized.

Accomodations can be somewhat expensive. Hotels start at around $40 a night. For the budget traveller, I would recommend casas particulares, which are private homes. They are liscenced by the government and generally cost about $25 a nigth, in Havana.

You don't go to Cuba for the food. Traditional Cuban food, like moors and christians is OK, but it seems like most people in HAvana eat ice cream, pizza and ham sandwhiches.

What I like about Cuba the most was the women, architecture, cheap beer and cigarettes and the old cars.

What I didn't like about Cuba was the food, humidity, and hustlers.