MFC 25: Vindication Full Card (with pics)

 kinda sucks for Gormley. he is a UFC vet and isnt even on the main card.

Dont miss it! tomorrow on hdnet! Look for my ugly face cornering Dwayne Lewis! haha

right, right, right, left, right, left

can't wait to watch this tomorrow!

Good card.

Well, Gormley was tooled in his 2 UFC fights. Not overly surprising he's on a dark bout. MFC is actually really solid and have a good main card.

The MFC's Dave Pavelich talks about their biggest card yet, MFC 25

Thales Leites on his MFC 25 main event matchup

 Wilson Gouveia on his move to the MFC

 Luigi Fioriavanti has a secret weapon for Pete Spratt

 MFC 25 "Vidication" weigh-ins



Good luck to Gavin Neil!!

Go Team ZUMA!


 These cards are always good on HDnet.

Dwayne Lewis looking for i believe 8 wins in a row! The winners of Lewis/Newton and Gouveia/Jimmo would have to be in line for the 205 lb title fight in August!

 Quick Results for MFC 25 Vindication in Edmonton

Thanks to for covering the fights. It does not seem like many media outlets are.

As much as we clown on Pavelich (as he deserves it), the fights are still normally pretty good and the fighters deserve our respect and the coverage.

Anyway, back to Pavelich in the weigh in vid;

A) whats with the sunglasses indoors? Was it that bright inside the mall? I didn't see anyone else wearing sunglasses?

B)time for a diet.

 Good Luck Dwayne! Nice card

MFC 25: Gavin Neil on earning his Sub of the Night

 Pete Spratt on another KO of the night performance