Which one will you be going to June 3rd? and what are the ticket prices?

I'm going to the IFL again. It was great live last time. The ticket prices for the IFL have come down to draw more of a live crowd I imagine. The prices for the IFL range from $35 to $150


Tonight, who's going where. If I go to AC it will be to watch the MFC.

I can't make either but damn the IFL card looks so good right now lol

MFC, no brainer.

That's a good price range.

IFL.. without a doubt!

The organization is picking up momentum faster than many have though.

The layout of the arena, and production is top notch.

Price of tickets a reasonable.

There are going to be some great matchup, for people that actually follow more than that UFC.

The MFC is going to be good. I will be there.

ttt for the MFC

It should be criminal to have two spectacular shows on the same night (if they are in the same town). MFC and IFL should compete with one another, but not like that. Damn guys, skip a weekend... If I were in AC, I would spend money on both if they were on separate weekends. I'm sure there are many more fans like me.

We'll be spending our money at MFC- outstanding card.

IFL can be seen on tv.

I am at the MFC right now. I would of liked to seen the IFC go lastnight so I could of watched that show I have alot of my boys on that show.

5 min drive from each other

MFC for sure - you get the USA v. Russia card.