MFC: USA vs Japan in October, AC

Should be good.  Hopefully Rich  "No Love" will be back for this one.  I still think they have Yves for one more fight. Americans I hope to see back on this card and some possible mathes.....

Jermey Horn vs..........?

Yves Edwards vs Hiroki Abe

Rich Clementi vs Kotani

Dennis Hallman........?

Eddie Alverez vs....?

Kurt Pellegrino vs.......?

Ben Rothwell vs.......?

Travis Wuiff vs.........?

Bristol Marunde vs.......?

Keith Wiznewski vs........?


Drew Fickett and Santino Defranco would be good guys to add also.

Eddie Alvarez vs Daisuke Hanazawa

Stephen Haigh vs Seichi Ikemoto


Also would like to see Kerry Schall, Ryan Schultz, Chael Sonnen, and Jay White back in the mix

I definitly think that Euphoria needs to ditch these "USA vs ???" shows.

Cause it takes away the majority of the matches I actually want to see.

clementi isn't going to be ready for october. i believe his recovery time is supposed to take up to a year. i'd be surprised to see him fight again until early/mid 2006. the key is to make sure the knee heals all the way so he'll be good to go for the future. i think they'll be able to get more "competitive" matches with usa/japan as compared to usa/russia.

Actaully Oct. is when I will be cleared to fight as long as my knee is up to speen. Would love to make this show. I broke my heart to miss my first MFC.

Travis beat ya to 4 Clementi - I thought I was sad you werent there either this weekend!

miguel. time to start talking about afc 13?

any ideas on when DVDs for AFC 12 will be available?



ya japan should do better than Russia. They got slaughtered last time.

MFC should bring in Yushin Okami to fight Horn.That'd be a good fight.I'd also like to see

Naoyuki Kotani vs. Kurt Pellegrino

Hideo Tokoro vs. any American 143 lber.

Hidehiko Hasegawa vs. Eddie Alvarez

Katsuya Inoue vs. a good american lber

A "VS" style tourney is a good way of bringing the fans. People want to believe there's rivallry even where there isn't... good tool for the short term.

I dont think Japan would get as much support as Russia did....


What about USA VS Brazil in a future card

Bring some guys from BTT or Chute Boxe

thats great news rich. i guess the healing must be coming along nicely. i overheard you tell someone the recovery was supposed to take up to a year, but should've known better i guess. all i know is that it'd be pretty amazing if you could compete anytime before the end of this year considering that surgery. just don't rush back before that knee is 100 percent. you've got a lot of years ahead of you in the sport. hopefully you'll get that shot at yves in MFC asap.

ttt for No Love!

I would love to be back in the mix in Euphoria...