When is Resnicks seminar and what is the set price?

Also, will it jsut be all gi throws or no gi as well?


The fee is $25. Bring your gi or a thick sweatshirt. The full range of techniques will require one or the other but Josh will demonstrating how they can be used for no gi stuff, i.e. sub grappling and mma. You are one gal that has the quickness and power to be able to splatter your comp with these throws. Q & A after the seminar and you can get some fine tuning on them. We have two Swain crash pads so nobody will have any problems with breakfalls.

Prepare to slam some brews afterwards also.

I'll email ya all the info, directions, etc. on Saturday.

Thanks Walt ...... I think I will take you up on the Brews after too.

Im off to the Arnolds now .... Talk to you when I get back.


Kick some ass.


I'll be at the seminar for sure. Hey Walt, send me an email on Friday to remind me.