MFL April 18th in Gaylord

The fight card is kick a$$ 18 fights set and a great venue Treetops Resorts...

very cool, all of your shows are great! TTT 4 MFL

I will be there!

I will be there cornering our man Kyle Cooley!

same here, see you guys there

One week away!

anyone want to play 18 b4 the show?

TTT!! I can't golf to save my life

F&%K!!! i have to go to ohio for work on friday, SH*T, SH*t, SH*T!!!! I am soooo pissed, this is going to be a great show, i will try to make it but reality is toledeo to the show is about 5 hours and i get done at 7:00pm. Anyone want to switch jobs?

Good luck to all the fighters! Dan is a class act and i was looking foward to this show too. MFL is leading the pack with great match-ups and this is a great venu.