MFS training

So...I was wondering...

Everyone say MFS, while making you more complete, is more geared to improving your current style.

Like, if you're a striker, you learn to defend on the grand, get back up, and not get taken down in the first place. If you're a wrestler, you learn striking to setup the takedown, subdefence, and subs of your own, and so on and so forth....

So what about with no style at all? No, I'm not talking MFS Elite here....

Just for instance, say Joe Schmoe wants to be the 1,201st member of the MFS gym, what would they do? Just train him in the 101 basics of all three for a bit, find out what he has the best aptitude in, and go from there, or what?

Your built from the ground up. If you have no experience or a Joe Schmo like you say, you start with basic fitness, afterall if the machine can't do the techniques what is the use of teaching the machine the terchnique right? Then follow up with basic pads, jiu-jitsu, grappling and hopefully with dedication and perseverence you grow to sparring and the advanced classes. The ability you take in are up to you as the student much like a college course.

Ah, I see. I have no intention of training at MFS(Though it's a great gym).

I actually train some Muay Thai, myself, along with some BJJ and some HS Wrestling....

Just asking more for curiousity of the team, more than anything.


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