MG Round Robin Gi May 16th @ DMMA

As a follow up to our Round Robin April No Gi event we are throwing on the PJ's and heading back in for more action. So for those of you who prefer your grappling with clothes on or if you just want to get some more competition experience your time has come.

MG Round Robin Gi
Saturday May 16th
Dominance Mixed Martial Arts
555 Victoria Street, Richmond

rules and poster -

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Our last event was great and had a big turn out and we are expecting another big one so everyone will get their minimum of 4 fights plus and absolute division. We will run an extra mat to make it a shorter day for all fighting.

See you all on the mat,


Yo yo yo my ninjas!

Gear up, get down and bust a ninja move.



What an awesome day. I say it everytime but I am ALWAYS impressed with how friendly the vibe is at the MG's. Everyone there is just there to have a good time and gain experience in BJJ.

Thanks to Bernie and the Extreme guys, Rob and the GZ crew, Ninos from Tullamarine, and Jamie from the Hangar. Great to see everyone supporting with their students and great attitudes. We had people from just about every school in Melbourne. Some awesome fights. The day ran really smoothly on three mats.

Thanks B, Dan and Jamie for reffing. And Dirty Mike the westie for expert time keeping.

Enough warm and fuzzies...

As I mentioned the next big thing coming is the NO TIME LIMIT, NO POINTS, SUBMISSION ONLY event. It will be single elimination (lose one fight and you are done) with 8 man brackets (done by weight and belt).

Go to and register your email address and we will email you updates on the SUBMISSION ONLY even and some other things in the pipeline.

See you on the mat,


Pfft how about a thanks for photoshopping the poster image AND scoring AND time keeping AND immortalizing the event.
That's it, I'm bringing my wife to the next poker night to clean you out again Dave.

Lots of photos from the day.

Hey Dave and Cam

Did you get my email about my new web business. Cant believe a couple of smart fellows like you would pass up the offer of some free advertising for your club.




Saw no such email.

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