MGinaction Subscribers - Quick Question

Hear lol Phone Post 3.0

Problems persist, Joel. Sent you a PM.

Ive noticed it happens alot during the morning hours (EST)

Hey guys, I am very sorry to hear you are still experiencing problems. I am in touch with our technical support team and will post back here as soon as I hear something. Thanks for your patience.

Not loading right now.  I've been testing this to see if stayed true from the last time I posted but it seems for about a good portion of the morning/afternoon the site is unavailable due to extremely long loading times.  Most of the time the browser just times out and im forced to try again.  I've tried this from several machines, several different IP address, on computers with clean cache's.  Something is definitely up Joel, get those tech guys on it because between this and Marcelo being injured I just may shoot myself.

ttt, site's reported for being slow for a few of us that I know that are members.

It's working just fine for me and I'm loading it off a proxy.

Hey BackAddict, I am going to send your post over to them and ask if there are any new developments related to this problem. Can I ask where you are located? Thanks.