MGM Seating

I have never been so I was wondering what it was like. I am going to be buying a group of 35 dollar tickets and the guy said it was top level. Top level at say the Staple Center is horrible. Anyone ever been up their, if so was it bad, or was everything pretty visible?

I'd rather sit up higher than on the floor. You get a nice view into the octagon that way. Plus you don't catch yourself watching the monitors as much if you're up higher. I sat in those seats for UFC 36 and had an awesome time.

how many levels are there, 2 or 3?

I like the seats at the MGM better than Mandaley. However, I think the Mohegan has the best view at of all the events I've been to.

I can't remember how many levels are up there....when you purchase your tickets they should show you a map of all the seating in the arena.

Only one level, bleacher style.

thanks for the info guys